Auto Safety Recall

Auto Safety Recall airbag image

Is There a Safety Recall on Your Car?

If you’ve been tuned in to the news in recent months, you’ve likely heard about several major auto recalls, especially a significant one involving airbags. Perhaps you’ve even received a recall notice from your vehicle’s manufacturer. 
Most recalls are issued to alert you to known or potential safety issues of vehicle, so it’s important to address any recalls promptly. Here are two steps you can take today regarding recalls:
  • If you’ve received a recall notice on your vehicle, be sure to call your dealership and make arrangements for repairs or replacements as soon as possible.
  • If you’re not sure if there is a recall on your car, try the quick and easy lookup at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website. NHTSA maintains this information, and you can search using your car’s VIN, or by the make and model of your vehicle.
Give recall notices your attention, and you’ll be helping to make the roads safer – for you, your passengers and your fellow drivers.