Cyber Liability Risk Management Solutions
CyberChoice First Response is a unique and comprehensive risk management solution for cyber insurance that rewards clients for boosting their defense against cyber attacks. The Hartford gives clients a premium incentive when they invest in cyber security.1 And if they file a claim, we help fund those services as a part of the insurance policy2. It's two innovative ways to prevail. Only from The Hartford.

Cyber Security Services

The Hartford’s Cyber Security Services provide a complete solution at every step, helping businesses prevent cyber risks, protect their important assets, and take action when breaches happen.
Our services can provide businesses with risk management policies, procedures, training and other tools to help prevent breaches of confidential data. Policyholders have access to services including:
  • Educational information – including data protection tips, breach scenarios, articles and best practices
  • Notification laws and regulations – keeping policyholders up-to-date on consumer, regulatory and third-party requirements
  • Incidence response planning – helping policyholders establish procedures to reduce the impact of a data breach incident
  • Employee training
  • Table top exercises
  • Phishing exercises
  • Information governance
  • Preparing privacy and security policies and procedures
  • Vendor management including contracts and network security ratings
  • Improving security architecture

A Portal to Risk Control

All of these resources are accessible to policyholders through The Hartford Cyber Center – our portal to risk control. In an instant, policyholders can access the latest news on privacy and security, templates, training videos, a breach response calculator, and much more.

Incident Response

When a breach does happen, policyholders can count on our protection. Even the most vigilant companies can experience a breach. We’ll be here to help them prevail if it does. Visit our incident response page to see how.

CyberChoice First Response is offered on a SURPLUS LINES basis.* This material is not to be used for solicitation purposes. It should only be provided to a prospective policyholder who has been determined to be eligible for, and has requested information on, The Hartford’s non-admitted cyber product.

1) Via an approved cyber security provider

2) Coverage is available by endorsement

* Eligibility for surplus insurance coverage is subject to state regulation and requires the use of a licensed surplus lines broker. Surplus lines insurance policies are generally not protected by state guaranty funds. Policies should be examined carefully for suitability and to identify all exclusions, limitations, and other terms and conditions. Surplus lines coverage is underwritten by Pacific Ins. Co. Ltd (except in CT and HI) and Hartford Ins. Co. of Illinois in CT and HI. The Hartford® is The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries. Its headquarters is in Hartford, CT. All rights reserved.