Articles on Home and Driving Safety

Driving, Home and Family Transitions Over a Lifetime

Helpful information to keep you and your loved ones safe on the road and at home.

Home Design and Planning

Taking care of preventative home maintenance can be challenging at any age.
Technology to make life easier, help with home maintenance and enhance safety.
Universal design features can make your home more comfortable & convenient.
Ideas for planning the next step in your housing future and ensure that your home will fit you.
Simple home solutions to make your home more "user-friendly" for you and your older relatives.

Vehicle Technology

Learn more about mature drivers’ preferences for vehicle safety technology.
Adopting vehicle safety technology may help you be safer in the driver’s seat.
Get insights into what mature drivers say about vehicle safety technology.
Experts rank the top vehicle safety technologies for mature drivers. 

Safe Driving for a Lifetime

Help for drivers with dementia and their families plan for a transition to passenger.
Tips for families to foster meaningful conversations with older drivers.
A comprehensive driving evaluation can help you assess your driving skills.

Driving Wellness

Simple exercises may help you stay safe in the driver’s seat.

Home Safety and Disaster Preparedness

Create a plan for natural disasters for individuals and caregivers.
Tips to help you and your family prevent, detect and escape home fires.

Resilience in Midlife

Building resilience over a lifetime is important.