Amy Bray

HSI Coach Amy Bray

Amy Bray, CPCC and Certified GROW Coach, is responsible for empowering students within the Sales Coaching and Training Programs to succeed in today’s insurance marketplace. Through her coaching and guidance techniques, students develop skills, tools, and confidence to propel them within their careers.
Amy joined Hartford School of Insurance after spending the last 5 years as Assistant Director in Sales Excellence, supporting the Small Commercial organization. Amy brings a wealth of knowledge to her role, having over 40 years of experience in the industry. She has worked for four National carriers in a wide range of positions including Risk Control Manager, National Account Sales Team Leader, Technical Insurance Trainer, Sales Manager and Executive SCSR.
Her longevity and diversity of roles in the insurance industry has enabled her to walk in the shoes of the producer, agency owner and insured from both a sales and service perspective. Within her Sales Excellence role, Amy trained and coached a number of sales managers. She is certified to deliver Grow Coaching and numerous different sales training programs.
“I take a positive approach to business challenges. The glass is half full and in fact, I look for ways to make it overflow!” Amy often says that one of the most fulfilling aspects of working with agency principals and producers is that moment when selling becomes “natural” and the process is “just what you do.”

Being Comfortable, and Being Yourself

Amy strongly believes that being yourself means finding out who you are and being comfortable in that skin. For some it means seeing yourself as a professional in the insurance arena and utilizing your analytical/technical skills with clients. For others it is about finding your passion and building a network of clients who share that passion. With every new student, Amy proves that having a coach allows you to self-discover and be the best you can be.

Activities and Interests

Amy is a sports nut! In her spare time, you can find her rooting for ALL of her Philadelphia sports teams. She says that while typically they are not #1, she never gives up on them and their potential for success. She will be sharing that same passion and commitment in working one-on-one with our producers and agency partners when coaching and training them to reach their fullest potential.

As a native of Philadelphia, Amy relocated in 1973 and is currently living in Los Angeles. She has one son, Beau.