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Workers’ Compensation Trends in 2019

Updated 10:12 AM EST, Tue March 19, 2019

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Insurance Market Trends

Insurance trends are experiencing change due to the “digital first” business approach that so many clients are beginning to adopt. Workers’ compensation insurance will see changes as we head into 2019. Injured workers, medical care, and the insurance industry as a whole are all beginning to notice major shifts in the coming year. The insurance industry has to pivot to meet the needs of the growing landscape.
It’s necessary to look at the economy when assessing insurance trends. Factors impacting the economy can affect insurance products. For example, tax reform in the U.S. and other countries around the world, as well as trade rules and tariffs, can affect the insurance industry in 2019.1
Economists are warning that a recession may be on the horizon in 2020.1 Insurers have to focus on improving operational and in-house efficiency. An insurance company will also have to offer personalized products that meet the evolving needs of customers.
Every customer’s needs are unique, so they will prefer custom business insurance policies in the future. Custom policies can be tailored for each customer to address their respective risks. And as technology changes, it can also be used to help customers file claims faster.

Workers’ Compensation Trends

Workers’ compensation claims have been decreasing over time. This can be largely attributed to safer work environments, where employees are getting injured or sick from work-related activities less often.2
Even as claims have decreased over time, insurers need to be around for the long term to be able to cover injured or sick employees who may have to miss work for years.
Here are a few workers’ compensation trends to be aware of in 2019:
  • Natural disasters
  • Rate adjustments (legislative reform)
  • Treatment guidelines for drugs
These trends can affect workers’ compensation rates. Traditional insurance agencies can work together in the future to provide the right coverage and plans for customers. Insurance agencies can also work with providers and other key players to embrace plans that deliver the best outcome.
In addition, state legislative reform can impact workers’ compensation trends. This can include changes to the fee schedules for pharmacies or changes to make things more efficient for customers.
The insurance industry is rapidly evolving and insurers can’t ignore it. Cloud computing and block chain management can help insurers stay ahead of the curve. These technologies can help process data for workers’ compensation benefits and workers’ compensation coverage. How the insurance industry reacts to the technological changes can impact workers’ compensation insurance trends in 2019.
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2 Business Insurance, “Workers’ comp rates set to decrease again in 2019,” Oct. 10, 2018,

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