Gene Marks on Different Boss Types

Business expert Gene Marks gives his opinions on finding your managerial style.

Video Transcript

What kind of bosses do you come across? You know, first of all, I've read just, just tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of words about leadership and management and bosses and all that kind of stuff and honestly, I think it's all – I, I think it's – it, it's interesting but it's not relevant. And the reason why I say that is because I have seen bosses, people running companies, of every sort of type – the micromanagers to the macromanagers. The angry people to the super sweet people, right? The, the lone wolves to the ones that everything has got to be a democratic proc – I've seen all of that. I've seen that style succeed for people and I've seen it fail for people as well. So you really have to be true to yourself and honest about how you're working with your people. If that, if that honesty comes out and that sort of a way of transparency comes out your, your people will, will react to that and want to help you out. The bosses that I've seen that are absolutely the worst bosses, though, if you can make it – people who have failed the most, are ones that are just trying to be somebody that they're just not. That they've read too many management books, or seen too many TV shows or movies and, you know, they're trying to be something at work that they're just not like, you know, inside. And the best bosses that I've seen operate are the ones that are themselves. And laying it all out, admit what their faults are, admit what their mistakes are, are passionate in what they believe. Will argue with it but then show respect for the other people that are around them. But they're themselves. They're not trying to be somebody else.

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