Gene Marks on Résumé-Scanning Software

Business expert Gene Marks discusses résumé-scanning software and whether you need to be using it.

Video Transcript

What résumé scanning software is, is it’s a software that will look through résumé – I mean, nowadays there, there’s optical scanning applications that can look for key words in a, in a résumé, put that into a database or create an alert for you if a résumé sort of matches what you’re looking for. They’re, they’re only appropriate – résumé scanning – if you’re looking at a huge volume of résumés. So, you know, if you’re taking out an ad and you’re getting 10, 20, even 50 responses to an ad, that’s not that huge a volume. I mean, you know, again, if I have 50 résumés I think I could take – if I spend two minutes on each résumé, or even three minutes, you know, I can take 3 hours out to go through some résumés, particularly for something as important at as this – a new person for my company – I don’t really need any optical scanning applications to help me do that. But, if I have the type of business that’s, you know, we’re churning through a lot of résumés, or I’m looking for production people, or the kind of thing where there’s more volume, and we’re getting a lot of résumés, and I need an application that can just, you know, cruise through these, these documents and then just highlight out or flag the ones that meet certain criteria, that’s when a résumé scanning software, you know, has the most impact.

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