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  • Tailoring Business Insurance to Your Industry
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    Why Experienced Underwriters & Claims Specialists Are Important

    As the owner of an emerging business, you may be operating in relatively unfamiliar territory. You may not be in a position to know the full range of insurance coverages needed to adequately protect your business as it grows and matures. And if covered incidents occur, it can be difficult to navigate the claims process without expert help and advocacy.

    In managing your business insurance concerns, it always helps to work with experienced practitioners. At the outset of this process, a seasoned insurance professional will be able to coach you on what to expect in insuring your business—and help you figure out which protections are essential. As well, the importance of good underwriting judgment and highly competent claims representation should not be overlooked.

    Underwriters perform a challenging task: Determining the risks involved in insuring your business, and calculating a price for that coverage that “works” for both you and the insurer. Particularly with businesses that present significant liability concerns, it takes a lot of specialized experience to understand the full range of risks that merit coverage. You want to be sure that your investment in your business is protected; in working with an experienced underwriter, you’ll know that you’re reducing the likelihood of any coverage gap surprises down the road.

    Similarly, if and when a claim is made against your business insurance policy, working with a claims specialist who knows the ropes can make every aspect of the process easier and more efficient. Specialists should have the resources and relationships to help you hire outside experts, secure any needed physical repairs and/or monetary claims, and fully resolve disputes.

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    Game PlanGame Plan

    Game Plan

    • Ask your insurance professional about their working relationships with insurance companies, including access to experienced underwriters and claim specialists. It’s important to know a company’s track record in delivering the kind of industry expertise your business can benefit from.
    • You can look on The National Association of Insurance Commissioner’s Consumer Information Source (CIS) website to discover any complaints that may have been filed against insurance companies. But where do you look for the reputable ones? You may want to ask your trusted referral network, and/or trade organization or business group, for their recommendations on insurers that have proven experience—and a solid track record—in your industry.