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  • Marketing Basics: A Quick-Start Guide for Beginners
    Game Plan

    PR Basics for the Beginners

    As any public relations (PR) firm will tell you, PR helps the public understand your company and its products, and creates a strong image of your company to the outside world. It’s very popular among small businesses for a simple reason: It’s generally a lot less costly than other marketing tactics such as advertising. Typical tactics include:

    • Press releases. These are news stories that you write yourself (or have someone write for you), then send to industry publications, local newspapers and/or other media outlets to publish on your behalf. Essentially, it’s free marketing.
    • Event sponsorship. Check into participating in, or even sponsoring, a charity event in your area. You’ll get exposure to a large, diverse audience while performing an image-boosting public service by helping your community or a cause.
    • Articles. Local and trade publications often look for content. So write about your business and/or industry, and you can position yourself as an expert. Your name recognition can lead to more exposure for your business.