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A Quick-Start Guide to Workmans’ Compensation


Do Business Owners Need Workers' Compensation Insurance?

As a small business owner, you might be asking yourself, “Why do I need workers' compensation insurance?” The answer is simple: It’s a legal requirement in most states. If you have one or more employees, you must have workmans' comp. Period.

What Is Workers' Comp?

Workers’ compensation insurance (also known as workmans' comp insurance) provides benefits to employees and their families for work-related injuries and illnesses. Workmans' comp insurance helps cover your employees’ medical bills and some, or all, of their lost wages if they suffer a work-related illness or injury. It’s a legal requirement in most states. Find out how you can help your business and your employees by getting a workmans' comp insurance quote today.

Workmans' compensation insurance can help protect your business and employees in events such as these:

  • An employee falls on ice, injures herself while walking up the stairs to the office, and requires a visit to the emergency room.
  • An employee injures his back lifting a box of office supplies and requires medical attention, medication and physical therapy.
  • An employee returning to the office from visiting a client at the lake is injured in a car accident and requires hospitalization for one week.

It’s important to note that workmans' comp coverage is not a substitute for health or medical insurance, because it covers only work-related employee injuries or illnesses.

Workers’ compensation insurance rates and premiums can vary by state, and are based on many factors, including your industry, the number of employees you have, and your company’s safety record.

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How Workers' Comp Ins Protects Your Business

Good workers’ compensation insurance can be an affordable benefit that helps protect both you and your employees. Moreover, you can customize your policy by adding coverage as needed. The Hartford has programs designed to support companies, promote employee safety and help get your staff back to work as soon as reasonably possible; or if necessary, to other transitional work, and possibly training for new skills. If an employee can't return to work, the coverage may provide a long-term benefit. 

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Obtain Workers' Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance policies are purchased through an insurance company, such as The Hartford.

On occasion, an employer may be deemed an excessive risk by insurance companies and fail to qualify for workers’ comp insurance. For these cases, some states have established their own assigned-risk programs, setting up a special fund that serves as an insurer of last resort for companies that can’t get insurance on their own.

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