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Whether your customers have a higher-hazard general liability exposure – or require specialized underwriting on a guaranteed-cost basis – we have the program business insurance to match. And the superior services to inspire loyalty.

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Risk Engineering Resources

Equipment Rental Contract Management TIPS​
Equipment & Party Rental Best Practices for Underground Utilities​
Teachers and Sports Injuries
Using Gasoline Safely TIPS Paper
Safe Storage of Flammable Liquids TIPS Paper
Landscaper Underground Utilities TIPS Paper
Wood Chip and Mulch Storage TIPS Paper
Crisis De-escalation TIPS Paper
Contractual Risk Transfer TIPS Paper
Pool Pop-Ups TIPS Paper
Drones Liability TIPS Paper

Open Access Programs

Count on us to help deliver on our promises with commercial insurance programs tailored to your customers' unique and often challenging needs – open to all Hartford Agents.

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Alarm Contractors Insurance

Once an alarm system is installed in a home or business, so much depends on the contractor. The potential for serious hazards is always there.

Alarm Contractors Insurance Flyer
Alarm Contractors Supplemental Application
Alarm Contractors Program at a Glance Appetite Guide
Alarm Infographic

Arborist & Landscaper Insurance

While a landscaping or tree business seems cut-and-dry, complex regulations make it anything but.

Arborist Contractor Insurance Program Flyer
Arborist Contractors Supplemental Application
Arborist & Landscaper Program at a Glance Appetite Guide
Arborist & Landscaper Infographic

Equipment & Party Rental Insurance

Whether renting out equipment or goods, store owners face the same challenge: Getting inventory back in good working order.

Equipment and Party Rental Flyer
Equipment & Party Rental Supplemental Application
Equipment & Party Rental Infographic

Pool & Spa Contractors Insurance

Pool and spa businesses help build dream environments. But the realities behind them are building codes, safety requirements and technical details.

Pool & Spa Flyer
Pool & Spa Supplemental Application
Pool & Spa Contractors Program at a Glance Appetite Guide
Pool & Spa Infographic

Specialized Truck Equipment Insurance

When ambulances, fire trucks and refuse trucks hit the road, so much is at stake. Equipment failure can have serious repercussions for manufacturers and distributors.

Specialized Truck Equipment Flyer
Specialized Truck Equipment Program Supplemental Application
Specialized Truck Equipment Program at a Glance Appetite Guide
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Administered Programs

When you partner with The Hartford, you can access programs through an administrator who knows our programs inside out. Helping you craft an insurance package that’s made for your customers’ business.

Administered Programs Appetite Guide

Railroad Contractors & Suppliers Insurance

Introduced in 1997, our Railroad Insurance Program offers competitive pricing and a broad range of coverage for contractors, manufacturers, and wholesalers that service the railroad industry through a partnership with Arrowhead General Insurance Agency, Inc.

Railroad Insurance Solutions
Railroad Insurance Program Supplemental Application
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Security Guard & Private Security Insurance

The Hartford is known for specialty coverage with depth and breadth. And we have partnered with
The Mechanic Group to administer our Security Guard Workers’ Compensation Insurance program, created especially for private security guards, investigators and background screening operations.

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