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Get a free quote from the AARP Homeowner’s Insurance Program from The HartfordThe AARP® Homeowner’s Insurance Program from The Hartford can be customized to protect the investment you’ve made in your home at a price that fits your budget.
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How Homeowners Insurance Protects You

Homeowner’s insurance helps offer financial protection to your home and its contents when they are damaged. It also helps provide liability protection in the event that someone is injured on your property. 
For example, homeowner’s insurance will help pay for the damages in the event that:
  • Your roof is crushed by a falling tree in a hurricane.
  • A guest slips and injures him or herself on a loose brick in your walkway.
  • Vandals throw rocks through your windows.
However, not all homeowners insurance policies are the same. The Hartford is the only home insurance company endorsed by AARP. With our flexible options, savings and expert service, you’ll know that your home is getting the best protection possible. Get a homeowners insurance quote today and start saving your money and securing your home with The Hartford.

What Does a Homeowners Insurance Policy Cover?

Homes can be as different as the people who live in them. Check out all these popular homeowners insurance coverage options. Our experts can help you select the right home insurance options to cover the unique place you live in, the things you value and your assets.
Dwelling Coverage – Helps protects your home and the structures directly attached to it. This can include coverage for electrical wiring, plumbing, heating and air conditioning as well as larger structures like staircases and walls. Tip: Choose the right amount of coverage – enough to cover the cost to rebuild your house in the case of a total loss.
Other Structures – Helps cover buildings on your property that aren’t attached to your house. For example, if a tree falls on your garage that is not attached to your house, someone drives through your picket fence or your shed collapses from heavy snow, this coverage can help pay for the damage.
Personal Property – Helps protect your personal belongings such as furniture, clothing and appliances. You can purchase additional coverage for valuable items and other special possessions such as jewelry and rare or collectible items.
Loss of Use – Helps pay your living expenses up to policy limits if you cannot live in your home due to a covered loss. For example, if your house is under repairs after a fire does significant damage, this coverage will help pay the costs for you to stay in a hotel while the repairs are being done.
Liability – Helps protect you in two ways. First, it provides for your legal defense against a liability claim (lawsuit). Second, it will help pay any court judgments against you for covered losses, up to the policy limit. For example, your pet injures a neighbor or guest, or your long drive on the golf course injures someone on the fairway. This coverage can help pay for damages that you are held liable for.

Learn About Personal Liability Coverage
Medical Payments – Helps pay emergency medical bills if someone is injured on your property. It also covers any injury caused by a member of your family or your pet regardless of where it happens. Bills are paid, up to policy limits, whether you're legally responsible or not. This coverage is needed for something as simple as a guest tripping and falling down your staircase. Homeowner’s liability insurance can help when you are left to pay the medical bills.**

Concerned About Major Damage to Your Home?

These Options Could Help You Feel Greater Peace of Mind

Full Replacement Cost, Maybe More – Pays the full cost to rebuild your home if it is a total loss up to 125% of your coverage limits. Depending on where you live, an option providing up to 150% of coverage limits may be available.2
ProtectorPLUS Zero Deductible Benefit – Waives homeowners insurance deductible (up to $5,000) if your home is severely damaged by a qualifying loss of $27,500 or more. For example, if your home is struck by lightning and there is massive electrical and structural damage that exceeds $27,500. Without ProtectorPLUS Zero Deductible Benefit, you would only receive payment for the loss that exceeds your deductible.3

See Options Included in Our Advantage and Advantage Plus Packages

Home Advantage Package4
Bundle some of these popular coverages on top of your base policy: 
“New for Old” Protection – If your possessions are destroyed by a covered loss, we’ll help provide the actual cost to replace them with brand new ones that are of the same quality – even if they’re old or not in the best condition at the time of the damage.
Personal Injury Liability Coverage – Helps cover potential damages arising from a libel or slander claim.
Reimbursement for Replacing Locks – Losing a key to your front door can be a hassle. For example, if you don’t have a spare, you’ll need to get an entirely new lock for the door. If that key is stolen, you may want to get new locks for all your doors. This coverage pays up to $500 to replace locks, with a $100 deductible, if a key is lost or stolen.
Identity Fraud Expense Coverage – Compensates out-of-pocket expenses for up to $50,000 with our Advantage Plus Package to help you recover after fraud or identity theft. This can even help cover lost income and legal fees.
Home Advantage Plus Package5
Includes these additional coverages on top of those in your Advantage package and your base policy: 
Disappearing Property Deductible‡‡ – Rewards safe home and condo owners by reducing your deductible $50 for every three years you go without having an insurance loss. With Disappearing Property Deductible, you can get your deductible all the way down to $0.6

This reduction of deductible does not apply to Mine Subsidence and Equipment Breakdown coverage.
Equipment Breakdown Coverage  Helps cover the cost of repairing or replacing appliances and electronics that break down from normal usage. For example, your refrigerator compressor has an electrical arc, that causes it to no longer work, we can help cover the cost of repairing it or replacing it.7
Valuable Items Blanket – Provides extra coverage for your valuables. While your homeowner’s policy caps coverage for theft on jewelry up to a $1500 limit and silverware up to a $2500 limit, the Valuable Items Blanket Coverage can increase the limit to $10,000 per item and extends coverage for lost or damaged valuables as well.
Many homeowners have unique insurance needs. If you’re like them, you might like these options.
Green Rebuilding – Increases your policy limits up to 10% when you use green, environmentally friendly materials or processes for repairs and rebuilds after a covered loss. For example, if a room in your home is destroyed by a covered loss, and you decide to repaint it using environmentally friendly paint that has a low VOC, replace flooring that is from an easily renewable resource, and use demolition techniques that are better for the environment , and any extra costs could be covered by this endorsement.
Replacement Plus Coverage – This patented coverage reimburses you (after a covered loss) for extra costs to upgrade a kitchen or bathroom with Universal Design features that can make a home easier to live in for everyone regardless of age, size or physical ability. Universal Design includes features like a single lever faucet that doesn’t require twisting or grasping to operate and cabinets with convenient drawers for easy access. Coverage amounts of $1,000, $2,500 or $5,000 are available.
Water Backup and Sump Pump Overflow* – Helps cover property that is damaged by backed up water or overflow from a sump pump. This doesn’t cover damage from flood or surface water.8
Assisted Living Care Coverage – Extends Liability, Contents, and Additional Living Expenses Coverage to a relative in an assisted living care facility.9
Scheduled Personal Property – Goes beyond your standard homeowners policy’s coverage for high value items. This covers 100% of the insured value of selected items should they be damaged or destroyed in a total covered loss.10
The Hartford ID Hotline, Identity Restoration Services – Our customers get access to qualified fraud specialists through our Identity Theft 911’s Resolution Center and The Hartford ID hotline. Here, customers can receive one-on-one answers to questions about identity theft, fraud and tips on how to safely manage personal information.
We’ll show you how to safeguard yourself to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of identity theft. And if ID theft does occur, we’ll walk you through every step of the recovery process.
Rental Property Protection Plus
Are you a landlord? The Hartford’s Rental Property Protection Plus is an easy way to insure up to four family rental units. Coverage includes:
  • Replacement cost of your rental dwelling
  • Optional coverage for detached structures
  • Fair rental value (20% of dwelling coverage)
  • Property damage by vandalism or burglars
  • Damage to lawns, plants and shrubs
  • Premises Liability and Personal Injury
  • Equipment Protection Advantage
  • Green Rebuilding
There are a host of additional coverages that can also be applied to the Rental Property Protection Plus policy.
Not all features and benefits are available in all states. Conditions and exclusions apply.
Some benefits, such as the Contents Replacement Coverage, are only available with the optional Home Advantage Plus package. A policy without these added benefits is also available. This is an optional coverage and may not be available in all states.

‡‡ Some benefits, such as the Disappearing Property Deductible, are only available with the optional Advantage Plus package. A policy without these added benefits is also available. To qualify for the Disappearing Property Deductible, homeowners must have no claims or losses for three consecutive years in most states. The Advantage Plus package option and the Disappearing Property Deductible benefit are not available in all states.
Covered by U.S. Patent No. 9,830,661.

* Does not provide coverage for water damage caused by direct or indirect flooding. Also does not provide coverage for water backup of sewers or drain, or overflow or discharge of a sump pump if it’s caused by flooding.
** Medical benefits are calculated on the basis of usual, customary and reasonable charges.
2 The Hartford will pay the full cost to rebuild your home, even if it costs up to 125% of your home insurance policy’s coverage.
3 This benefit will completely eliminate your homeowners insurance deductible (up to $5,000), if you have a qualifying claim of $27,500 or more.

4 This package is ideal for customers who want extra protection, above their base policy, for certain coverages such as: Replacement Cost Contents Coverage, enhanced Personal Liability Coverage, and ID Fraud Expense Coverage.

5 Our most popular package, Home Advantage Plus includes all the features of Home Advantage, plus extra benefits such as the Disappearing Property Deductible‡‡ and Equipment Protection Advantage.
6 Responsible homeowners deserve to be rewarded. If you have no homeowners claims in the past three years, The Hartford will lower your property insurance deductible by $50. Then, we’ll lower it another $50 after each year without a claim – until your property deductible reaches zero.
7 This coverage pays for the repair or replacement of appliances, electronics and other home systems after a mechanical or electrical breakdown. Equipment Protection Advantage also provides coverage if you want to make “green” upgrades. It pays up to 125 percent of your cost to replace any covered equipment with items that are similar, but more energy efficient or environmentally friendly.
8 For an additional cost, you can get property protection for water backup or sump overflow – that is not caused by flood or surface water. Our basic coverage amount is $5,000 and other amounts may also be available. Your independent agent can provide further state-specific information about this coverage.
9 Your homeowners policy can help to protect a family member who lives in an assisted care facility. With our optional Assisted Living Care, you can provide Personal Property and Personal Liability coverage for a relative in a nursing home or similar facility. Coverage amounts help to pay for lost personal property, such as hearing aids, eyeglasses, false teeth, wheelchairs and more. This option also provides coverage for Additional Living Expenses (in certain situations).
10 With this benefit, you can have protection against a potential total loss. If such a covered loss occurs, you can receive 100 percent of the insured value for your scheduled personal property.
Additional disclosures below.

Savings and Credits for Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

We believe in rewarding our customers with homeowners savings and credits. Bundling coverages, making your home safer and being a longtime customer with The Hartford are just some of the ways you can save. With plenty of options to choose from, there’s definitely a great way for you to start saving on your homeowners insurance.

Bundle Home and Auto Coverage and Save**

Cover your car and home with AARP® Auto and Home Insurance from The Hartford1 and save on both. Save up to 5% on auto insurance and 20% on home/condo/renters insurance by bundling them with us.

Home Security or Protective Devices Credits

We want to reward you for taking the initiative on protecting your home. Installing devices such as burglar alarms and sprinkler systems can help lower your premium. But you don’t have to break the bank in order to save. Simply getting safer locks for your doors and smoke alarms can help you save.

Retiree Credit

Your golden years should be fun, relaxing and cost effective. That’s why we offer credits to retirees and those who work less than 24 hours a week.
Availability of credits or savings may vary by state or policy plan.
** Bundling savings are not available in Hawaii and Massachusetts. In New Jersey, the discount is applied to the homeowner’s insurance policy only.
The Retiree Credit does not apply to secondary residences.

Additional disclosures below.

An Easy Claims Process for When Accidents Happen

Accidents are tough; making a homeowners insurance claim shouldn’t be. That’s why we offer one of the most streamlined claims processes available. Our claims specialists are the most dedicated and caring in the industry. And best of all, they’re available 24/7 to answer any questions and walk you through our simple homeowners claims process.

Additional Services for Homeowners Insurance

There’s more to repairing damage and covering loss for someone’s home than simply writing a check. We understand that finding the right resources and specialists requires time and research. That’s why we offer these great additional services to help you get your life back on track after making a homeowners insurance claim.

Access to Reliable Home Contractors

Finding a great contractor to do home repairs is difficult. Working with a not-so-great contractor is even more difficult. That’s why we offer Contractor Connection. This is a network of great repair contractors who adhere to our high service standards and expectations. You can feel safe knowing that their work is backed by a three-year warranty.

Help Valuing Your Property

A homeowner’s policy covers more than just the walls and roof. It covers the contents and belongings that are important to the owners. After a claim is filed, it can be difficult to sort through everything that was lost and determine its value. Our team of specialists can help determine the value of the contents inside a home.

Home Claim Inventory Assistance

After a severe property loss, it can be difficult to create an inventory of everything that was lost and determine what is salvageable and what is destroyed. If the loss is severe enough, we may send our expert team to create an inventory of everything you lost.

Emergency Clean Up Services

Home claims can often mean considerable damage to your property. And after water, smoke or fire damage, unseen contamination may harm your property and possibly your health. That's why The Hartford offers emergency clean up services for covered claims. In these situations, you can have your home professionally cleaned to remove these risks.
AARP and its affiliates are not insurers. Paid endorsement. The Hartford pays royalty fees to AARP for the use of its intellectual property. These fees are used for the general purposes of AARP. AARP membership is required for Program eligibility in most states.

The AARP Auto Insurance Program is underwritten by Hartford Fire Insurance Company and its affiliates, One Hartford Plaza, Hartford, CT 06155. It is underwritten in CA by Hartford Underwriters Insurance Company; in WA, by Hartford Casualty Insurance Company; in MN, by Sentinel Insurance Company; and in MA, MI and PA, by Trumbull Insurance Company. The AARP Homeowners Insurance Program from The Hartford is underwritten by Hartford Fire Insurance Company and its affiliates, One Hartford Plaza, Hartford, CT 06155. In CA, it is underwritten by Property and Casualty Insurance Company of Hartford; in WA, MI, MN, by Trumbull Insurance Company; in MA by Trumbull Insurance Company, Sentinel Insurance Company, Hartford Insurance Company of the Midwest, Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company; and in PA by Hartford Underwriters Insurance Company. Not available in all states, including FL. Specific features, credits and discounts may vary and may not be available in all states in accordance with state filings and applicable law. Applicants are individually underwritten and some may not qualify. Auto and Home are currently unavailable in Canada and U.S. Territories or possessions.

1 In Texas, the Auto Program is underwritten by Southern County Mutual Insurance Company through Hartford Fire General Agency. Hartford Fire Insurance Company and its affiliates are not financially responsible for insurance products underwritten and issued by Southern County Mutual Insurance Company. The Home Program is underwritten by Trumbull Insurance Company.