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Extreme situations call for a specialized expertise. From property damage to business closures, whether it’s severe weather, a wildfire, or some other disaster, The Hartford’s dedicated Catastrophe Claims Operation team is here to help you prevail through the unexpected.

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Read how fraudulent contractors operate, why they follow storms, warning signs to look for, and how you can screen potential contractors.
Learn About Fraud
Earthquakes happen without warning, so preparing is critical to minimize damages and loss.
It’s a common misconception that flooding happens mainly in areas near the ocean, a lake or a river.
Preparing in advance for a hurricane can help minimize injuries, loss of life and property damage.
Lightning kills approximately 50 people every year. Thunderstorms can also produce hail, tornadoes and floods.
Learn facts about tornadoes, safety tips and information on building a safe room.
As more people and businesses move into rural areas, more people and property are at risk from wildfires.
A temperature change of a few degrees can make the difference between a rainy day and a severe winter storm.

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See what to do if your home sustains property damage.

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