Personal Auto Claims

Tell Us What Happened

You can report an incident online or give us a call anytime. And we have options for reporting glass-only damage or a claim on someone else's policy.
If you've had a minor incident with no injuries, you can start an auto claim online.
If you prefer to talk to someone, or there were injuries involved, call us anytime 24/7 – check your bill or ID card if you're not sure whether you are an AARP customer.
AARP Customers

Non-AARP Customers

For windshield or glass-only claims, you can report online.

Agents and non-policyholders can report a claim on someone else's policy.

Track Your Claim

You get instant access to your claim status and details anytime, online.

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Roadside Assistance & Towing

Broken down, locked out, out of gas? If you've got an auto policy with The Hartford, we've got you!

NJ Decision Point Review

Medical providers should consult the NJ DPR Plan for New Jersey auto claims only.
Precertification fax: 1-866-771-6001
New Jersey No-Fault/PIP Medical Billing (include claim number):
The Hartford
P.O. Box 14269
Lexington, KY 40512