The Hartford Risk Management Solutions

Who We Serve

  • All National & loss-sensitive Construction accounts.
  • Guaranteed-cost accounts with total premium of $400,000 or more with unique claims-handling needs.

Our Appetite

Accounts with a broad range of operations and exposures, whether they have thousands of locations across the country or a single facility.

Our Solution

  • Exceptional service: From policy inception to account renewal, The Hartford’s Risk Management Solutions team is continuously working in support of your account.
  • @venture risk management information system (RMIS): This state-of-the-art service allows your risk management team to have instant online access to your account information. This access facilitates a collaborative approach to assist you and your clients in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your risk management program. @venture also gives you the capacity to monitor every stage of your Risk Management Solutions program as you may:
    • View your current service plans and service reports.
    • Direct activities to your Risk Management Solutions team.
    • Uncover loss trends by frequency & severity.
    • Receive automatic e-mail alerts for large losses, changes in your program, etc.
    • Submit requests for service and much more.

Why Choose The Hartford

The Hartford’s Risk Management Solutions provides 360° of Protection by integrating Underwriting, risk engineering and Claim services to address each customer’s unique business needs. This attention to detail helps ensure winning results. The Hartford will work with you and your client to understand your risk management requirements, customize a program to meet your needs and show you the results.

Who To Contact