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Railroad Protective Policy

Construction operations located along a railroad's right of way can potentially disrupt or even damage the railroad's operations. For that reason, railroads often require the contractor to assume the railroad's liability for the project. This protects them from the financial risk of construction operations and the hazards they may present.

Commercial Drones & UAVs on Construction Sites

Commercial drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have quickly become a pretty common sight on many construction sites in the United States – and for good reason. The benefits they can provide are vast.

Owners and Contractors Protective Liability

Today, more owners are also mandating the lesser known and often misunderstood owners and contractors protective liability (OCP) coverage. It’s important to understand who and what is covered under OCPs as they gain popularity.

Understanding Builders Risk Insurance

Piracy has been a long-time and legendary threat to ships on the open ocean, but as the maritime industry becomes increasingly reliant upon technology, a new and growing risk is emerging that may be even more menacing: cyber crime.

How to Hire Subcontractors

Quality-minded general contractors understand the importance of choosing subcontractors with top-notch skills and exemplary work habits. The success of their projects depends upon it, and so do their reputations.

The Struggle to Find Skilled Laborers

A low unemployment rate is typically positive news. But seeing rates this low, coupled with six straight years of declines in the year-over-year construction unemployment rate during May, is cause for concern. Many contractors have voiced concerns over the lack of skilled labor available, but the industry hasn’t done much to alleviate their concerns.

Addressing the Construction Labor Shortage

For many of our construction clients, the shortage of skilled labor is a major concern for their organizations. The current unemployment rate for construction is a very positive trend for the industry. However, we also know that a low rate only tells part of the story.

Construction Contractor Strategies

By all accounts, it’s a good time for contractors to take advantage of the expanding market and improving economy, initiate strategic growth initiatives and rebuild backlogs.

Hiring Best Practices to Reduce Risk of Workers’ Claims

Hiring brings with it some inherent risks. Reduce your exposure by adopting good employee selection, placement and onboarding practices. Good hiring practices can help you keep valued employees and minimize the frequency and severity of claims.

Top Reasons Contractors Choose The Hartford

Choose a Top 5 workers’ compensation insurance carrier you can count on. With The Hartford, you get a partner with more than 40 years in construction experience, providing you with the right coverage and services to meet your needs.

Top Five Technologies Starting to Make Construction Safer

Construction workers tend to distrust technology, but acceptance is growing of new tools with demonstrable safety benefits.

The Next Big Job for Construction Risk Managers

A less-skilled workforce, when combined with other challenges facing contractors and owners such as new technology, compressed work schedules and shifting contractual risk transfer obligations, mean more complex risk management, both on the job site and off. This new risk management landscape demands a more collaborative approach.
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