Private Companies

Private Choice PremierSM

Target: Most classes of privately-held, for-profit companies (excluding, e.g., financial services) will qualify for one or more coverage parts.

We may have an appetite for certain classes of business (ex: financial services, private equity, etc.) which require specialized coverage on different policy forms. Please see the “Industries” drop-down menu on the Agents for Midsize & Large Businesses page or ask an underwriter for more information.

Privately held companies are not sheltered from management liability exposures. No matter the precautions taken there’s risk inherent in everyday operations. To help address this risk, The Hartford offers directors, officers & entity liability coverage as part of Private Choice PremierSM – a modular product with up to five coverage parts:
Flexible coverage that works with business exposures and needs:

  • Flexibility to select up to five coverage parts
  • Purchase a separate limit of liability for each liability coverage part or a single aggregate limit for all liability coverage parts
  • Select different limits for each coverage part