Digital Tools for Small Businesses

Feel the Power That Our Digital Capabilities Can Offer

My Account Increasingly, consumers expect the companies they do business with to offer self-service solutions.
Put the power of small to work for you – meet customers’ expectations and save yourself time with our digital self-service options.

Digital Self-Service Flyers

  • Agent Flyer provides the benefits of digital self-services, making it easier for you to sell the value of this capability to your customers.
  • Customer Flyer communicates the benefits of registering for digital self-services to your customers.

Digital Self-Service Videos

These short videos show customers how easy it is to perform routine policy management activities online.

Digital Self-Service Email Communication

Use this email template* to encourage customers to register online for services like AutoPay, digital documents, Premium Audit assistant, Certificate of Insurance on-demand, and more.
* Can only be opened in Chrome or Firefox.
* Can only be used for a one on one relationship- mailing one customer at a time.
* Re-download email communication each time before use.
* Can only be used in Outlook.