Workers' Comp Resources

While the price among workers' comp policies may be similar, for more than a century, The Hartford’s program has set the standard for innovation, value and injured worker care.

Overview Documents

Broad Form Endorsements

  • Broad Form Endorsement includes six additional coverage features and is automatically added to every workers’ compensation policy we write, at no additional cost.
  • Extended Broad Form Endorsement brings five additional coverage features, to help cover incidental exposures, for only 1-3% of our standard policy premium.

Payroll Billing Solutions

We know that cash flow is a priority for small businesses. Our Payroll Billing Solutions reflect this understanding and helps them reduce large premium down- payments and audit surprises.

Value-Added Services

Our workers’ compensation insurance program is about more than insurance coverage. See the value-added services available to customers of The Hartford that could have a positive impact on their claim costs.

Business Travel Accident (BTA)

The Hartford’s BTA coverage helps fill potential coverage gaps by providing accident protection to employees who travel on business to domestic and foreign destinations.
This is only a general description of coverages which may be provided and does not include all policy features, exclusions and conditions. All coverages are individually underwritten. In the event of loss, the terms of the policy issued will determine the coverage provided.