Opioid Aware Program

Opioid Aware

Fighting Back Against the Opioid Crisis

We’re educating, advocating and activating programs that help achieve reductions in opioid use across the country.
Opioid Aware

Helping People Become Opioid Aware

With 30 percent of Americans having been prescribed opioids and 1 in 5 who start a 10-day supply becoming longer-term users, we’re determined to make a difference in the opioid epidemic. By building on our experience of working with companies and their employees, we’re applying that knowledge to help reduce the use of opioids, with a focus on prevention. In the Wall Street Journal, our Chairman and CEO Chris Swift details how we are using data and artificial intelligence to combat opioid misuse.
Chris Swift at Detroit Economic Club

The Heavy Toll of Opioids on America’s Labor Force

America's opioid crisis is having a tangible and growing impact on the workplace and the workforce. It's resulting in a diminished workforce, compromised productivity and higher health care costs. When an injured worker is inappropriately prescribed opioids, it can triple the amount of time they’re out of work and increase their disability time by 25%. And since 2000, participation in the labor force is down 4%. The National Bureau of Economic Research found opioids is a key factor in the labor decline.1
In his U.S. News & World Report opinion piece, Swift highlights the increasing need for companies, citizens and communities to work together to overcome the opioid crisis. Watch Swift build on this call-to-action as he leads a discussion at the Detroit Economic Club about actions that companies can take to help reduce the impact of opioids in the workplace.
Chris Swift on Fox Business

Helping Employers Address Opioids as a Workplace Issue

It’s important for employers to be aware of the profound impact that the opioid crisis is having on the workplace today. That’s why we’re helping business leaders understand the epidemic and what they can do to prevent opioid misuse and foster treatment and recovery.
Watch Swift discuss on Fox Business the insights from our national survey and invite CEOs to lead cultural change at their companies to end stigma and shame associated with substance use disorder.
Gary Mendell of Shatterproof

Building Partnerships to Make an Impact

We’re partnered with nonprofit Shatterproof to break down the stigma of addiction. We’re giving people the opportunity to achieve a better understanding of the opioid crisis, what they can do to protect themselves, and how to foster treatment and recovery. Hear Shatterproof CEO Gary Mendell talk about why he founded the organization aimed at reducing the impact of addiction and why partnering with companies, such as The Hartford, can help overcome the opioid crisis.
Kinney Minute Opioids

A 360-Degree Approach to Help Prevent Addiction

We see first-hand the devastating effects the opioid crisis has on the workforce. Combating the crisis requires a multi-faceted approach. We’re looking at what our data tells us, determining how we can intervene with the right resources, and making sure injured workers are being protected.
Our comprehensive opioid management strategy leverages data to identify those who may be at risk of addiction. Our data also tells us when an opioid is inappropriately prescribed. When that happens, we stop the prescription from being filled or have a nurse review the case.
We’re focusing our pharmacy approach to minimize excessive opioid prescriptions. We developed strict drug formularies and education in an effort to limit overprescribing of opioids to injured workers.
We also offer alternative pain management therapies and support for injured workers, so they can return to work safely. Watch John Kinney, our chief claims officer, describe how we’re using data to drive decisions to help and protect injured workers.
Chris Swift at CT Economic Summit

Creating Change Through Public Policy

We believe that efforts at all levels of government, along with the business community, are necessary to fight this crisis. Watch Swift speak at the Connecticut Economic Summit about what employers can do to create change.
In states across the country, we’re advocating for reforms that are proven to work. This includes the adoption of robust drug formularies, mandatory physician and provider education, opioid prescription restrictions, and stronger drug monitoring programs. Through our partnership with Shatterproof, we’re advocating for public policy solutions to prevent future addiction to opioids.
We are committed to providing virtually everyone in America with useful, accessible educational resources, advocating for much-needed policy changes, and reducing the number, dosage and duration of opioid prescriptions in our workers’ compensation and disability businesses.

Determined to Make a Difference

Reduction in opioid use among our workers’ compensation claimants since 2015.
Companies impacted by opioid use today or will be in the future.2
“We continue to build on our experience to identify ways we can fight this national crisis, from exploring partnerships with the nonprofit community to identifying new ways to support our communities, business customers, and their employees.”
– Christopher Swift, Chairman & CEO
Growing Impact
Impact of Opioids in the Workplace
Two-thirds of today's workforce is impacted by the opioid crisis or will be in the future.
Infographic Opioids
Infographic: Opioids in the Workplace
Many U.S. workers & HR pros have limited knowledge & resources to address addiction.