Midstream Energy Business Insurance

Midstream Energy Businesses Face Unique Risks

We offer a broad selection of energy insurance coverages for midstream energy businesses of all sizes. Whether your midstream business transports crude oil, natural gas or manages other midstream activities, you can tailor a coverage solution to address the specific risks facing your business.

Midstream energy insurance from The Hartford offers flexible coverage options, professional support services and our industry leading claims service experience. These features are designed to work seamlessly together to help protect midstream energy businesses so they can continue to thrive in the face of unexpected challenges.

We specialize in coverage for the following oil and gas industries:

Crude Oil
  • Marketing
  • Gathering
  • Storage
  • Transportation
Natural Gas
  • Gathering
  • Processing
  • Treating
  • Marketing
We also cover industries in midstream transportation and logistics such as:
  • Pipeline
  • Tanks and terminals
  • Gathering systems
  • Pipeline injection stations
  • Delivery stations and blending capabilities
Recommended Coverage for Midstream Energy Businesses
The Hartford’s general liability coverage for oil and gas energy businesses can help protect businesses against bodily injury and property claims as well as personal injury and advertising wrongs.
Our General Liability Choice® insurance helps protect midstream energy businesses from bodily injury and property claims including:
  • Personal and advertising injury, such as: libel; slander; defamation; and product disparagement including offenses that occur from your website, bulletin boards and chat rooms
  • Broad named insured, including contractual liability, manufacturer’s errors and omissions, and product recall expense coverage
  • Time element pollution extension endorsements
  • Blanket additional insured coverage
  • Primary non-contributory coverage when required by contract
  • Per project/per location aggregate
  • Failure to supply coverages are available for power and utilities exposures
In their work to meet today’s growing energy demands, midstream energy businesses rely heavily on their commercial vehicles. Whether employees are using a company truck to drive to a remote facility or a tanker to transport crude oil, energy businesses need commercial auto coverage to help protect them from the potential costs that would follow if one of their vehicles were involved in an accident.
Midstream energy business insurance from The Hartford helps protect commercial vehicles with:
  • Hired auto physical damage – automatically covers physical damage to any auto a midstream energy company rents, loans or leases (up to $100,000 per loss) if the business purchases physical damage and liability coverage for its autos
  • Employees as additional insureds – covers a green energy company’s employees for liability if they use their own autos to conduct company business
  • Upset and overturn extension of coverage – covers expenses related to cleanup from an upset and overturn of spilled product
No matter the precautions a midstream energy business takes to keep employees safe, accidents can happen. The Hartford is here to help with workers compensation insurance for midstream energy businesses.
Our workers’ compensation for midstream energy businesses helps provide coverage for unanticipated exposures and accidents to employees. Our coverage offerings include:
  • Broad form endorsements that help protect midstream energy businesses and their employees against certain unknown and unanticipated exposures not typically covered by a standard policy1
  • Our basic option is automatically included at no extra cost and includes employers’ liability stopgap for monopolistic states and voluntary compensation
  • Our extended option is available for an additional charge and includes increased limits for employer’s liability, foreign voluntary compensation and United States Longshore and Harbor workers’ Compensation Act (USL&H)
1 Some coverages may not be available in all states.
The Hartford also offers commercial umbrella insurance. Commercial umbrella insurance for midstream energy businesses acts as a safety net in the event that a claim or lawsuit exceeds the limits of an energy business’s primary liability policy.
Our umbrella insurance policy for midstream energy businesses has up to a $25 million limit.
Additional Solutions for Midstream Energy Businesses
The Hartford has a long history of providing innovative inland and ocean marine products and services to midstream energy companies to help meet specialized property and cargo coverage needs, including:
  • Shipper’s Interest
  • Ocean Cargo ChoiceSM
  • Installation coverage
The Hartford offers U.S. domiciled companies a spectrum of coverage that goes far and wide. Whether you need to cover employees traveling abroad or a whole overseas enterprise, The Hartford can offer the right package of protection with options ranging from The Hartford Passport Package to The Hartford’s Controlled Master Policy (CMP) with local multinational policies – in one coordinated insurance program.
Management liability insurance from The Hartford enables midstream energy businesses to customize coverage with flexible limits and a variety of coverage options including: 
  • Directors & Officers
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Fiduciary Liability Crime
  • Kidnap & Ransom/Extortion
Cost-Saving Services for Midstream Energy Businesses
The Hartford believes one of the best ways to protect employees from work-related injuries and illnesses is by providing industry-leading loss control services. Our risk engineering team offers a broad range of consultative services and educational opportunities to help foster a safer work environment for midstream energy employees.
Our risk engineering team’s loss control services are designed to help midstream energy businesses assess the risks and safety concerns of their operations. Our experts work with midstream energy businesses to provide employee training and education on safety equipment, create emergency safety plans and site and equipment maintenance plans. They will also help set up absent, leave and return to work programs.
Our customers rest easy knowing that The Hartford’s industry leading claims service support team is there to provide:
  • 24/7 claims reporting
  • Specialized claims handlers for specific coverages
  • Experienced claims and legal assistance to help achieve the best outcomes in even the most difficult claims
  • Extensive networks of medical providers, pharmaceutical providers and medical case management
A Loss-Sensitive Program is a form of insurance that allows you to pay a lower upfront premium. You pay “dollar one” up to a set limit because your business will actually participate in loss payment, up to a retention that's agreed upon between you and The Hartford.
Through The Hartford Energy Group, we customize loss-sensitive rating plans for larger contractors’ exposures, controls, financials, and risk-reward profile. We offer large deductible, retrospectively rated, self-insured retention and guaranteed cost plans.
In partnership with you and your agent, we can help you to:
  • Save money by balancing risk retention and risk transfer with premium savings – through our customized programs
  • Save time by improving effectiveness and efficiency – through customized dashboards, filters and email alerts in our risk management information system, TREO | Track Risk. Explore Opportunities.SM
  • Improve outcomes by coordinating claims and risk management services – through our Risk Management Solutions team
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