WC Coverage

Who We Serve

Midsize and large businesses in a broad range of industries.

Our Appetite

We prefer to write workers compensation as part of a multi-line account, but we can entertain mono-line workers’ compensation for the right opportunities.

Insurance Solution

The Hartford has been writing workers’ compensation from the beginning and today is one of the largest workers’ compensation providers in the country.

  • Because customers’ needs differ, The Hartford offers two versions of a broad form endorsement that can cover insureds for unknown or unanticipated exposures.
  • Our Industry Team members focus on individual industries. Because of their deep knowledge in their respective industries, these specialists help ensure our offerings are tailored to unique industry exposures.
  • The Hartford’s Team•WorkSM Return-to-Work program can help insureds maintain productivity and minimize lost-time costs when a worker is injured. Our underwriters factor in a proactive return-to-work program when underwriting an account.
  • The Hartford’s Risk Engineering Laboratory (ID 100124) is accredited by the AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Programs (AIHA-LAP), LLC for Industrial Hygiene and Unique Scopes as documented by the Scope of Accreditation Certificate and associated Scope.
  • Our claims team offers preferred medical provider networks, a network referral unit, nurse case managers, pharmacy benefit management, prescription drug review, permanent partial disability review, medical bill review, knowledgeable claims handlers and traumatic injury capabilities.

Why Choose The Hartford

  • Risk management services. We offer valuable services to help provide quality care to injured employees and to manage the incidence and cost of workplace injuries. For example, our proprietary Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) review process helps ensure accuracy in PPD ratings.
  • Payroll billing. When audit payments, down payments and first installments all come due at the same time, insureds can suffer a real squeeze on cash flow. We offer XactPAY® billing that matches workers’ compensation premium payments to insureds’ actual payroll and to how often they run payroll.
  • Broad coverage. Our broad form endorsements can protect insureds from exposures that aren’t covered by a standard workers’ compensation insurance contract.

Who To Contact

Contact your local Hartford representative or email us at mmsc@thehartford.com.