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Absence Management services from The Hartford.

The Hartford was among the first insurance carriers to recognize and respond to a growing need among employers for absence management services. The services offered by The Hartford include absence prevention consulting and help with managing claims and leaves. We even offer an employee advocacy service that provides clinical support to link employees to the appropriate health and wellness programs.
Since 2001, we’ve been helping companies control costs while reducing the risk and complexity of administering employee absence by providing:
  • Proactive return-to-work (RTW) support for employees
  • Solutions to better engage employees into health and wellness programs
  • Worksite absence and productivity assessment services
  • Industry-leading support on family and medical leave issues
  • Innovative interactive tools that provide sound insight into absences and smart analytics to identify trends
  • Management and coordination of both work and non-work related absences
  • Guidance in expediting transitioning employees to Social Security Disability Insurance, when needed
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Absence, safety, and wellness programs and services designed to help employees stay at work and – following a disability or leave – return to work safely and to optimal productivity. 
Our integrated leave and claim process offers employees an exceptional claims experience – just when they need it most.
With easy access to customizable absence reports, employers who partner with The Hartford can use data to learn what’s driving absences and how it may be affecting their profitability. 
The Hartford offers counseling and health and wellness referrals based on an employee’s disability or leave. Knowing that they have the right support can help employees feel more confident. 

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This research study, conducted in collaboration with the University of Kansas, helps identify what every employer needs to know.

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