Carrier Logistics Choice Insurance

What Is Carrier Logistics Choice Insurance?

Carrier Logistics Choice insurance, also known as motor truck cargo, freight insurance or motor truck liability insurance, helps provide coverage for financial losses resulting from damaged, lost or stolen cargo and freight. A commercial cargo insurance policy from The Hartford extends cargo and freight insurance coverage to include replacement vehicles when a business’s covered vehicles are disabled. We even provide options to extend coverage to items such as:
  • Perishable and temperature sensitive goods
  • Items carried by a subcontractor
  • Costs to salvage undamaged goods after a motor vehicle accident
  • Goods that lost value due to a motor vehicle accident even if they were undamaged
Coverage Highlights
  • Customized Limits of Insurance. Our coverage allows you to tailor limits for cargo while in transit, while in storage at a warehouse or while at a scheduled or unscheduled terminal location.
  • Coverage for Transportation Brokers. Our policy offers optional coverage for exposure when you act as a transportation broker.
  • Coverage for Storage. Our policy automatically provides storage not in "due course of transit."
  • Employee and Sub-Contractor Dishonesty. Coverage for dishonest acts by employees and subcontractors.
  • Right and Duty to Defend. We provide defense costs associated with a loss "outside" of limits. 
  • Selling Price Option. At your request, we will calculate the value of damaged property (which was sold prior to loss) on a selling price basis.
We automatically provide for the following coverages up to the Limit of Insurance shown in the policy:
  • Loss Mitigation Expenses. After you sustain a cargo loss, you may incur significant expenses to mitigate that loss such as offering a reward for lost or stolen property or expenses associated with recovering or protecting property. 
  • Debris Removal Expenses. Costly expenses associated with the removal and disposal of property after a loss.
  • Pollutant Cleanup and Removal Expenses. Court-ordered expenses you incur for pollutant cleanup from land or water. 
  • Earned Freight Charges. Earned freight charges that are uncollectible due to a covered loss to covered property.
  • Contract Penalties. Liability for contract penalties for delivery delays related to covered loss to covered property
  • Trailer Interchange. Coverage for liability you assume for cargo and non-owned trailers that you use in the hauling of such cargo.
  • Reusable Packing Containers. Non-owned packing containers used in transporting cargo for which you may be responsible.
  • Spoilage. Damage to Covered Property due to spoilage as a result in change in temperature.
  • Rust, Corrosion or Contamination. Damage to Covered Property due to rust, corrosion or contamination.
  • Voluntary Parting (i.e. fictitious pickup) & Employee Dishonesty. No exclusion!
  • Deductible Waiver for On Board Location Tracking Devices. We incent you for going above and beyond to protect cargo from theft by equipping it with operational location tracking devices.
Yes. You can add the following optional coverages:
  • Separate Limits for Named Shippers. This coverage is available by endorsement when a shipper requires you to provide separate limits of insurance under the terms of our policy.
  • Separate Limits for Specified Trips. Similar to named shippers coverage, we have an endorsement available for when you need to increase or arrange for separate limits for specific hauls.
The Hartford understands that transportation businesses come in different sizes and have various needs. That’s why we offer a broad range of coverages and pricing options designed to suit the unique needs of small and large transportation businesses.
Industry leading claims service. The Hartford offers an industry-leading dedicated claims service team that can handle cargo insurance claims with absolute professionalism and expertise. They offer dedicated 24/7 support to help businesses with their claims wherever they are. This is one of the reasons why customers rate their claims experience with The Hartford among the best in the industry.
Risk consultation. Certain businesses that purchase cargo insurance from The Hartford may want to take advantage of access to our risk engineering team. Our risk engineering consultants can work with businesses on loss control strategies designed to improve the safety of their business’s facilities and operations and ultimately help them save money and improve business outcomes.
Talk to your insurance agent or a representative at The Hartford today about how Carrier Logistics Choice insurance from The Hartford can help protect your business.