catastrophe mobile response bus

Catastrophe Claims Mobile Response Vehicle

You’ve already been through enough. Come on in to The Hartford's catastrophe response vehicle and relax while we tend to your claim.



Preparing in advance for a hurricane can help minimize injuries, loss of life and property damage.

Being Prepared

Being Prepared

Advance planning can make the difference between staying in business and losing everything.

Earthquakes happen without warning, so preparing is critical to minimize damages and loss.

It’s a common misconception that flooding happens mainly in areas near the ocean, a lake or a river.

Typically part of a severe thunderstorm, tornadoes and hurricanes may also bring hail.

Learn facts about tornadoes, safety tips and information on building a safe room.

As more people move out into rural areas, more property is at risk from the dangers of wildfires.

A temperature change of a few degrees can make the difference between a rainy day and a severe winter storm.

A business continuity plan can help reduce loss, save lives and speed recovery after an emergency.

Business evacuation planning helps prevent confusion, minimize injuries and save lives.

Planning steps will pay off later. A well-prepared business stands a better chance.

Conduct a thorough safety audit of your business's fire prevention and safety systems.