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What Is Golf Cart Insurance?

Stay on top of your game with customized insurance protection for your golf cart. Specialists at The Hartford can help you to choose the level of protection and options that are right for you, at a rate you can afford. Play through with confidence knowing that the AARP® Auto and Home Insurance Program from The Hartford1 has you covered on the course and beyond. The Hartford offers full coverage for your gas or electric golf cart and specialized claims service. We provide coverage for most non-commercial purposes and locations. To learn more call 888-546-9099 and get a quote today.

Golf Cart Insurance Discounts

You could be eligible for discounts if you bundle your auto, home, and golf cart coverage or insure multiple recreational vehicles with The Hartford. Your insurance agent or a representative at The Hartford can help you find the discounts that are right for you.
Here are some ways you may be able to save on your insurance:
  • Bundle coverage. Discounts may be available if you bundle your golf cart coverage with your auto, home, or other policies from The Hartford.
  • Pay in full. Pay your full annual premium up front and you may receive a discount.
  • Get safety certified. When you take qualified safe operating courses, driver training or join qualifying organizations, you may qualify for additional savings.

Do I Need Golf Cart Liability Insurance?

Golf cart insurance is required in some states. For example, in Arizona owners are required to carry liability insurance if they drive their golf cart on roads. Even if cart insurance is not required in your state, you may want it. Imagine the added peace of mind you’ll enjoy knowing you are covered in case your golf cart is stolen, damaged or involved in an accident with injuries.

What Type of Golf Cart Insurance Do I Need?

The kind of golf cart you own and where and how you drive it are all factors in picking the right type of insurance to ensure you’re properly covered.
Do you use your golf cart only on the golf course or do you use it in a similar way to an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or as regular means of transportation for example, to get to the store or the club restaurant? Is the golf cart modified to drive at faster speeds? These are all factors that matter when choosing the appropriate insurance coverage for your golf cart.
The list below may help give you a better idea of what kind of coverage is available for your golf cart:

Basic Golf Cart

  • Use Type: Drive on golf course only.
  • Insurance: Golf cart endorsement on homeowner’s policy.

Modified – Low Speed Vehicle (LSV)

  • Use Type: Drive on golf course and neighborhood streets.
  • Insurance: Auto insurance for LSVs.


  • Use Type: Drive on golf course, city and neighborhood streets.
  • Insurance: Auto policy for ATV golf carts plus umbrella insurance.

What Do I Need for a Golf Cart Insurance Quote?

It’s easy to get a free golf cart insurance quote from The Hartford over the phone. To get an accurate quote, have the following information handy:
  • Names and driving history of drivers you would like covered under your golf cart insurance policy.
  • Details of the golf cart you want to insure, including year, make, model and serial number if possible.
  • Information about your current insurance company and how long you have been insured.
  • If you wish to bundle this with your homeowner’s policy, have that policy number ready.
When you’re ready to get a quote, call 888-546-9099 to speak with a specialist at The Hartford.

Important Golf Cart Liability Coverage

Accidents happen, on and off the golf course. If your cart is insured simply by an endorsement on your homeowner’s policy, you may not be covered if the golf cart is involved in an accident off of the golf course.
That’s why, if you’re involved in an accident with a golf cart, The Hartford’s golf cart insurance provides coverage for:

Additional Golf Cart insurance Coverage*

Need additional coverage for your golf cart? Check out these options:
  • Increased liability
  • Optional equipment coverage for things like towable trailers or towing insurance
  • Coverage for when you drive off of the golf course in places like a gated community
* Not all coverages are available in all states.

Golf Cart Insurance Cost

The cost of your golf cart insurance policy will depend on various factors including the coverages, deductibles, and limits you select. State requirements may affect your premium as well. Discounts for golf cart insurance may be available for bundling your policy with other policies from The Hartford. Learn more about these automotive and car discounts from The Hartford.
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