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Customized Contractor & Construction Insurance

Our underwriting specialists help businesses customize construction and contractors insurance solutions for midsize to large commercial construction projects. From highways and bridges to sports stadiums and hospitals, The Hartford offers customized contractor insurance and construction insurance solutions and an unwavering commitment to businesses in the field of construction. We recently expanded our offerings to include many more business types within the construction industry across an even wider geographic footprint.
Taking collaboration from concept to course of action: The next big job for construction Risk Managers.
Top Reasons to Choose The Hartford for Construction Insurance

Our monoline coverage options allow contractors and construction businesses to customize a construction insurance program to their specific needs.

  • Commercial automobile liability
  • General liability with our contractor’s broad form endorsement
  • Workers’ compensation (selected risks only)
  • Contractors Professional and Protective Indemnity (CPPI)
  • Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL)
  • Contractors Professional and Protective Indemnity Plus (CPPI+) combines Pollution and Professional
  • Management Liability, including Directors, Officers and Entity Liability, Employment Practices Liability, Fiduciary Liability, Kidnap/Ransom & Extortion Coverage and Crime Coverage
  • Cyber Liability
  • Owner’s & contractor’s protective liability
  • Railroad protective liability

Our multi-line coverages allow contractors and construction businesses to bundle multiple exposures and risks into one construction insurance policy. Here are some of Multi-line Coverage Plan options that are available with contractors or construction insurance.

  • Commercial automobile liability
  • Property
  • Contract surety bonds
  • Railroad protective liability
  • General liability with our contractor’s broad form endorsement
  • Inland marine including builder’s risk, contractors’ equipment and installation
  • Umbrella liability
  • Owner’s & contractor’s protective liability
  • Contractors professional & protective indemnity (CPPI)
  • Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL)
  • Contractors Professional and Protective Indemnity Plus (CPPI+) combines Pollution and Professional
  • Management Liability, including Directors, Officers and Entity Liability, Employment Practices Liability, Fiduciary Liability, Kidnap/Ransom & Extortion Coverage and Crime Coverage
  • Cyber Liability
We are not a residential market for operations in AZ, CA, CO, FL, NV, SC or WA.
We offer wrap-up construction insurance solutions for owner-controlled and contractor-controlled construction projects, including new, expansion or renovation projects and maintenance work projects with:
  • $200 million or more in projected costs
  • $40 million or more in payroll
  • Public-private partnership (P3s)
  • Single or multiple projects, sites, years or states
  • Excess wrap limits on follow form basis, for single site CCIPs
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The right construction and contractors insurance to protect your company’s assets and meet clients’ requirements is critical to managing risk. Advantages of our contractor’s insurance broad form endorsement include:
  • Built-in essential coverage such as additional insured provisions, limited professional liability, and electronic data liability.
  • Contractor and construction companies can tailor insurance coverage to meet their unique needs.
  • A choice of monoline general liability or workers’ compensation or a multi-line program with supplementary coverage such as umbrella, railroad protective liability, owner’s and contractor’s protective, contractor’s equipment and bond coverage.
We support your business’s construction and contractors insurance needs with knowledge and experience. Here’s what distinguishes our professionals:
  • Our team includes a designated program manager, underwriter, Risk Engineering specialist, claims service consultant and customer service representative to handle policy issuance, billing, audits and more.
  • Our underwriters work only on construction business and have jurisdictional knowledge of coverage, state regulations and rulings.
  • Our Risk Engineering consultants are experienced job site safety directors who pursue ongoing training, keeping them current on construction trends and issues.
It’s important to keep a keen eye on collateral required to secure deductible or retrospective rating plan liabilities. We remove the guesswork by:
  • Building collateral requirements into each contract.
  • Disclosing the details, including what loss development factors are used, how the collateral amount is calculated, how it will be adjusted as claims close and when it will be released.
Whichever rating approach you choose, The Hartford can help you tailor an insurance plan to suit your construction business’s requirements by:
  • Fully transferring your insurable risks with guaranteed cost coverage.
  • Retaining a portion of your losses through a large deductible, a retrospective rating plan or a self-insured retention.
Additional Contractors and Construction Insurance Solutions
Construction firms can face many complex claim issues. You need claim handlers who understand these issues and the effect claims outcomes can have on your bottom line. The Hartford's ClaimPlus Team® can help your construction business prevail, even in the face of challenging insurance claims.
With ClaimPlus, you get a Claims Account Executive who will work with you and your agent to manage your unique risks and also:
  • Serve as single point of contact on all claim service issues.
  • Assist in identifying claim trends and loss drivers to improve outcomes.
  • Develop a customized Account Service Agreement to establish key communications and service requirements for your business.
Our designated claims teams have extensive large construction claims experience that includes:
  • A range of personnel with special expertise enabling the most experienced handlers to focus on the most serious construction insurance claims.
  • Specialists with specific knowledge of the unique aspects and challenges of construction insurance claims.
  • Teams that specialize in workers’ compensation and general liability claims.
  • Support from centralized fraud and subrogation units, a nationwide attorney network and a range of internal claim consultants.

Our insightful claims team helps you control costs.

When it comes to worksite claims, it’s important to contain costs, manage liability and help injured employees return to work as soon as possible. The Hartford manages claims with a team of seasoned professionals that includes our:
  • Latent Property Damage Group who specialize in construction defect claims.
  • Large loss team that is focused on high value bodily injury and property damage claims.
  • In-house counsel who provides legal support to our construction claims personnel.
  • Established long-term relationships with defense counsel and construction defect experts.
  • Network of preferred healthcare providers with negotiated rates, nurse case managers, medical bill review, and other services.
  • Special investigation unit comprised of a team of investigators with an average of 20 years’ experience in detective work.

TREO | Track Risk. Explore Opportunities.SM

TREO, a RMIS solution, designed to simplify claims management by:
  • Enabling the power of data and analytics
  • Creating transparency, highlighting proof points and identifying the root causes of cost drivers
  • Allowing individual and portfolio claims management
  • Letting you customize claims-trend tracking
TREO facilitates the right balance of technology, people and time. The combined experience helps risk professionals focus their energy and resources on the right claim drivers to achieve a greater understanding of cause of loss and effectively lower loss costs.
The Hartford has highly skilled and seasoned Risk Engineering consultants providing loss control services designed specifically to address the unique risks facing the construction industry.

How Construction Insurance Can Help Improve Safety & Reduce Losses

The construction industry has its share of hazardous equipment and dangerous processes – from operating cranes and blasting rock, to repairing bridges, digging trenches, and erecting scaffolds. Even under these challenging conditions, it is possible to perform construction work safely and with minimal accidents and injuries.
An understanding of the risks involved and knowledge of appropriate and realistic solutions to prevent or control the inherent hazards of construction operations is what The Hartford’s construction and contractors insurance provides.
We deliver safety solutions with the help of our highly skilled Risk Engineering consultants, who provide loss control services designed specifically for the unique needs of the construction industry.

Service Plans Tailored to Your Contractors and Construction Insurance Needs

As an outside observer, your Hartford Risk Engineering consultant brings a fresh perspective to your construction project. With a focus on our contractors and construction insurance customers, we can provide the dedicated attention you deserve. No two contractors are exactly alike, so your service plan will be created in partnership with you and custom-designed to fit your business’s unique needs. We start by asking you what safety risks are most critical to your operations, and then develop a plan to improve safety, targeting those specific risks.
The Hartford’s Risk Engineering services can benefit your construction or contractor business by providing:
  • Pre-construction surveys
  • Job site surveys
  • Safety manual assistance
  • Loss analysis
  • Industrial hygiene lab, AIHA-accredited*
  • Free OSHA 10 and 30-hour training
  • Free supervisory leadership and safety management workshop
  • Speakers for “Tool Kit” talks
  • Library of resource materials
  • Comprehensive training

Our Risk Engineering Services Have Helped Lower Risks Since 1975

Construction operations sometimes cause unsafe working conditions that can harm employees and affect your bottom line. The Hartford’s exceptional risk engineering services provide superior solutions offered through our AIHA Risk Engineering Laboratory.*
  • As a policyholder, lab services and the use of testing equipment are available to your contractor or construction business at no additional charge.
  • Our industrial hygiene lab is staffed by experienced chemists and Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIHs) who are available to consult with you or conduct evaluation surveys to identify, quantify, and control hazardous conditions on your job sites.
* The Hartford’s Risk Engineering Laboratory* (ID 100124) has been accredited by the AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Programs (AIHA-LAP), LLC for Industrial Hygiene and Unique Scopes, as documented by the Scope of Accreditation Certificate and associated Scope.

Builder's Risk Insurance

Adds protection to your construction and contractors insurance policy by covering materials needed for construction as well as labor costs, the loss of profits that were earned or damaged and destroyed heating and AC equipment for a project that is under construction.
  • Builder’s Risk also covers:
  • Cribbing
  • False work
  • Fencing and scaffolding
  • Construction signage
  • Landscaping such as plants and trees
Builder’s Risk Insurance will also support your construction or contractor business by helping to pay for the removal of debris and damage that may occur as a result of poor workmanship, faulty materials or design. Losses will be valued based on replacement costs and not cash value.

Contractor's Equipment

Adds an extra level of coverage to your contractors or construction insurance by helping to pay the replacement cost for equipment that was purchased within 5 years. This will extend insurance to cover small tools not listed in your contractors or construction insurance policy as well employee owned tools and work garments. Additionally, we offer coverage for equipment that you rent or lease to other companies.

Installation Coverage

When businesses add Installation Coverage to their contractor or construction insurance policy, they’re helping to safeguard their profits. In the event of a covered loss, we’ll reimburse your business for the pro rata percentage of profit you’ve earned on the job up until the accident. Installation coverage also offers up to $100,000 for the following:
  • Temporary structures
  • Constructions forms
  • Fences and signs
We’ll also offer up to $10,000 in coverage to re-erect undamaged property. Installation Coverage can extend protection to newly installed equipment, cash needed to replace destroyed blueprints and other electronic documents, or clean up and pollutant removal after a covered accident.

Construction Customer Claims Reviews

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