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Business Insurance Pennsylvania Small Businesses are having a huge impact in Pennsylvania; they make up 98.2% of PA businesses amounting to more than 1 million small businesses and counting.1 Small businesses have likely helped to reduce the unemployment rate as it was 4.7% in 2015, which was down from the previous year and below the national average. The growth in the small business sector is exciting. It is essential that these small business owners be aware of the insurance options available to them to ensure their businesses and employees are protected in case of an accident or lawsuit. When looking for a Pennsylvania insurance company, consider The Hartford. We have helpful resources that explain what business insurance is and how we can help protect your company. To learn more about the types of small business insurance we offer for PA businesses, read on.

Types of Pennsylvania Business Insurance Offered

Pennsylvania General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance provides broad coverage that can help protect your business from claims that it caused personal property damage, reputation harm, bodily injury, and advertising errors. The Hartford includes general liability insurance in our Business Owners’ Policy or as a stand-alone policy. It is important that business owners understand that claims can be made against their business even if they did nothing wrong. The Hartford helps business owners be prepared in case of an accident. Consider purchasing General Liability Insurance to help cover your expenses in the case of the following for example:
  • A customer in Philadelphia leaves their personal property in your possession, and it gets damaged beyond repair, and they are suing you to replace it.
  • A patron is injured while dining at your Pittsburgh restaurant and needs medical treatment. Later, they request that you cover the cost of their medical expenses.
  • A competitor in Harrisburg claims that you infringed on their copyrights while advertising your goods and services and takes you to court.

Commercial Auto Insurance Pennsylvania

Commercial Auto Insurance can help protect your business if you or your employees are in a car accident while conducting work on behalf of your business. Whether your company owns vehicles, rents them, or uses employees’ vehicles, you still need Commercial Auto Insurance in case of an accident. The Hartford can help protect you by providing coverage for rental car reimbursement, towing fees, medical bills, physical damage, and bodily injury. Purchase Commercial Auto Insurance from The Hartford to protect your business if for example:
  • Your employee hits a pedestrian crossing the street in Lancaster while driving to deliver your products.
  • You slip on ice while driving back from a client appointment in York and run into another business’s storefront.
  • You rear-end another driver while driving to the office in Allentown and cause them severe injuries.

Commercial Property Insurance Pennsylvania

Commercial Property Insurance is crucial if you own or rent property for your business operations. If your property is damaged due to lightning, fire, or a windstorm, insurance from The Hartford can help cover the cost to repair the damages. Business owners can tailor their Commercial Property Insurance with The Hartford to get additional coverage for unique risks their business may face. For example, we can help cover the cost to reproduce essential documents or provide a temporary storage facility for you while your business undergoes repairs. For larger business. The Hartford also offers risk exposure analysis services to help determine the policies and procedures your company can implement to prevent an accident. Accidents and disasters happen, it’s important to be prepared before they take place – consider purchasing Commercial Property Insurance from The Hartford to protect your business if for example:
  • A fire wipes out your manufacturing warehouse in Erie, including inventory and equipment.
  • A strong wind storm knocks a tree over crashing into your Scranton storefront causing structural damage.
  • Your office furniture, equipment, and records are ruined during a robbery in Bethlehem.

PA Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ Compensation Insurance protects your employees if they get injured in the workplace by providing them access to medical care and helping cover their medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation. Workers’ Compensation Insurance with The Hartford can also provide a financial benefit to a deceased workers family. Workers’ Compensation Insurance does not just protect the employees but also protects the business owner by helping cover employees’ expenses resulting from work related illnesses and injuries. The Hartford also has programs designed to help assess the risk of your workplace and can advise businesses on ways to make their working environments safer. For example, consider purchasing Workers’ Compensation Insurance from The Hartford to be prepared in the event:
  • An employee injures their back while lifting heavy equipment and must visit a West Chester chiropractor a few times a month to heal.
  • An employee slips on a slick floor while walking to their desk, breaks their wrist and requires costly surgery.
  • An employee develops an illness related to a toxic chemical at your work and needs expensive medication to recover.

Pennsylvania Minimum Business Insurance Requirements

In the state of Pennsylvania, it is the law to have Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Employers are required to carry workers’ comp insurance if they have employees whether they are full time or part time.2 This is to ensure that employees have fair access to a medical professional, medication, rehabilitation, and lost wages if they become ill from their work or are injured on the job. With over 1 million small business employees in the state of Pennsylvania, it is important that business owners be educated about how to protect themselves, their businesses and their employees in the case of an accident.3 The Hartford is a leading provider of Workers’ Compensation Insurance and has been insuring small businesses for nearly 200 years. Let us help you protect your small business.

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