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Why Agents & Brokers Should Embrace Renewable Energy Clients

The number of companies that manufacture, install and buy renewable energy technologies – from solar panels to wind turbines to hydrogen fuel cells – has risen substantially in recent years. The increasing use of renewables presents a significant opportunity for insurance agents and brokers because many renewable energy equipment manufacturers and their customers are currently underserved in the marketplace.

Solar Energy Today & in the Future

Solar power is booming in America. With government subsidies and improving technologies helping to lower costs, this trend is expected to continue as more people and businesses invest in this clean and abundant form of natural energy.

Solar Energy: Safety Risks and How to Prevent Them

Installing solar systems is a risky business. Lifting and arranging unwieldy solar panels, the potential for falls off many-storied rooftops, panels that heat up as soon as they’re uncovered – these are some of the serious hazards that solar workers face.