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How to File a Renters Insurance Claim

When the unexpected happens, filing a claim can be a stressful addition to your “to-do” list. However, at The Hartford, our claims process is designed to be as quick and easy for you as possible. Representatives at The Hartford help guide you through each step of the process with compassion and professionalism. Talk to one of our experienced claims representatives, call our claims center, we’re available 24/7.
There are things you can do to protect your property and hopefully avoid having to file a claim in the first place. First, keep items as secure as possible. Always lock your apartment or home. Store personal valuables in safe locations both at home and when you are away from your apartment or house. Reduce safety hazards in your apartment or home that could result in damage to property or injury to others. For example, replacing a slippery rug in your home or apartment could potentially reduce accidents and injury.

Renters Insurance Claims: Who Do I Contact?

Renters insurance claims can be reported to The Hartford by phone or online. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Phone: 877-805-9918
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How Long Does a Renters Insurance Claim Take?

The time it takes to handle a claim I different for each unique claim and can depend on things like how quickly the claim is filed after a loss, how large the loss is, how well documented the claim is and more. There are things you can do to help reduce the time it takes to file and settle a claim. First gather the information you’ll need to file your claim.
To file a renters insurance claim, contact your insurance company with the date of the incident and details about the incident. Claims should be reported as quickly as possible after the loss event. The quicker you make a claim the faster the work can begin to take care of it. The claims process involves assessing damage done to valuables, the costs associated with the damages, and the policy coverage in place. Submitting a detailed inventory of the damaged property can be helpful in speeding up the process. Inventories provide needed information to insurance companies, allowing them to process the claim efficiently. For example, when a fire destroys valuables so that they can no longer be identified, insurance companies can consult the inventory for the information they need to process the claim.
To file a claim, talk to a claims representative at The Hartford or Log In to check your claim status.

How Can Renters Insurance Help Me?

Renters insurance from The Hartford provides reimbursement for possessions taken from your home. For example, you return from vacation to find valuables missing in your apartment. Renters insurance can help reimburse you the value of the lost items.
There are two types of reimbursement values to consider when selecting renters insurance. The first is actual cash value (ACV). An ACV reimbursement pays what the possession was worth at the time was taken from your apartment. For example, if someone stole your two-year old camera from your apartment today, an ACV policy would pay what your two-year old camera is worth today. This ACV payment could be less than what it would cost to replace your camera if you had to purchase a new one of similar quality. The second type of reimbursement is replacement cost value (RCV).This type of policy pays to replace your camera with a new one of similar quality.
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Looking for Renters Insurance That Offers an Easy Claims Service?

Our renters insurance claim process was designed with one thing in mind: to get your life back in order as quickly as possible after a loss. That is why our renters claim service is available 24/7 and operated only by some of the most knowledgeable and caring specialists in the business.

When to File a Personal Injury Liability Claim

Accidents happen. When someone gets injured in your apartment, you must first attend to their needs, and then notify your insurance company. For example, imagine someone slips, falls and hits their head on the floor while visiting your apartment. Your insurance coverage can help pay the medical costs to treat the injured person.

Additional Rental Coverage Services

Take advantage of these additional services designed to make it easier for you to recover from damage to or loss of your property.

Property Valuation Assistance

You keep a lot of valuable belongings in the property you rent. After an accident, it can be difficult to evaluate their worth. The Hartford provides specialists to help you value the contents of your rented property.

Rental Claim Inventory Assistance

Renters Insurance Claims Determining the value of lost items and what is salvageable after a devastating property loss can be extremely difficult. If this is the case, The Hartford may send a team out to help you with such problems. In addition to their expertise, you will be given access to our advanced computer modeling software that can help you create an accurate inventory of lost belongings.
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