Nevada Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Comp Nevada

Nevada workers’ compensation With few exceptions, Nevada state law requires every business with an employee to have workers’ compensation insurance coverage. This coverage helps protect both your business and your employees from a work-related injury or illness. Workers’ comp in the Silver State helps protect your employees by providing benefits if they get injured or sick because of their job. It helps protect employers like you, through “exclusive remedy,” prohibiting your employee from suing you for work-related injuries or illnesses.1
It’s your responsibility as an employer to purchase workers’ comp to comply with state law. You can get coverage for your business from private insurance carriers, like The Hartford.

Nevada Workers’ Compensation Coverage

The Hartford offers comprehensive workers’ compensation insurance for Nevada businesses. Workers’ comp insurance can help pay for necessary medical care to treat a job-related injury or illness. It can also help NV employees keep some of their income if they have to take time off to recover from a work-related injury or illness.
Workers' comp can help protect your Nevada business and your employees in the following situations:
  • Your employee is driving to meet with a customer at a job site. He gets into a car accident and goes to the hospital. Workers' comp can help cover his medical costs.
  • Your construction employee falls off a ladder. He breaks his leg and goes to the emergency room for treatment. He also needs physical therapy to recover. Workers' comp can help cover his costs for medical treatment and ongoing care.
  • Your restaurant chef spills a pot of boiling water on herself. She's taken to the hospital to treat her burns. Workers' comp can help cover some of her lost wages, medical treatment and ongoing care.
  • While working in a factory, a steel beam falls on your employee's foot. He goes to the hospital for treatment. Workers' comp can help cover his costs.
  • Your employee gets exposed to harmful chemicals at work. She gets very sick and passes away. Workers' comp can help pay for her funeral and the medical costs she incurred while fighting the illness.
Nevada workers’ compensation insurance requirements indicate that businesses with at least one employee should have coverage. Employers like you can get coverage through workers’ compensation insurers like The Hartford.
What’s covered? Workers’ compensation insurance in Nevada provides benefits to your employees who become hurt or sick because of their job. It can also provide payments to your employee’s beneficiaries if they pass away due to a work-related cause. Workers’ comp also helps protect insured employers like you from claims alleging bodily injury or sickness caused by work.
Among other benefits, Nevada workers’ comp provides coverage for:2
  • Medical treatment costs
  • Partial compensation for lost time
  • Permanent partial disability
  • Permanent total disability
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Dependent benefits in the event of a death
  • Claims-related costs, such as transportation or mileage
Proof of coverage helps businesses prove they have workers’ comp coverage in Nevada. Also known as a certificate of insurance, this formal document includes important policy details. With The Hartford, it’s simple and easy to get proof of workers’ comp coverage. Get a quote to learn more about getting a certificate of insurance.

What Workers’ Compensation in Nevada Covers

Workers’ comp Nevada Nevada workers’ compensation through The Hartford can also help cover:
Accident or injury costs if your employee gets hurt on the job.
Illnesses caused by exposure to allergens or harmful substances. If an employee suffers a work-related illness, workers’ comp can help cover their costs for medical treatment.
Repetitive stress injuries that build up over months or years of harmful, repetitive motions or habits. Workers’ comp can help cover an employee’s cost to treat a work-related repetitive stress injury.
Missed wages if your employee takes time off from work to recover from a work-related injury or illness. Workers’ comp can help replace some of their lost wages.
Ongoing care costs if your employee with a work-related injury or illness needs additional treatment, such as physical therapy.
Funeral costs if your employee loses his life while on the job.
Disability benefits if your employee’s work-related injury or illness leaves them disabled.

Nevada Workers’ Compensation Exemptions

In Nevada, there are some exemptions to the workers’ comp requirement, such as:3
  • Employees brought into Nevada on a temporary basis that have insurance from another state.
  • Employment covered by private disability and death benefit plans.
  • Interstate commerce jobs that aren’t subject to Nevada’s legislature.
  • Casual employment that lasts no more than 20 days and has a total labor cost under $500. Casual employment means a worker only gets hired for work that’s needed.
See the Nevada Department of Business and Industry’s “Employer Guide to Workers’ Comp” for more information on workers’ compensation exemptions.

Workers’ Compensation Nevada Rates

State of Nevada workers’ comp The Property & Casualty Section of Division of Insurance approves workers’ compensation rates.4 Nevada workers’ compensation laws allow for a competitive rating, but not an open rating. This means workers’ compensation insurance premiums get calculated using the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) loss costs, along with a loss-cost multiplier, schedule rating and other factors.5
Other factors affecting a workers’ compensation premium can include:
  • Job class codes or classification codes
  • Payroll size
  • Number of employees
Get a quote and find out how much you could pay for a workers’ compensation policy for your Nevada business.

Nevada Workers’ Compensation Claims

To file a state of Nevada workers’ comp claim, visit our workers' compensation claims page today.
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