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workers’ compensation NY More than 8 million people live in New York City making New York the most populous place in the United States.1 With 62 counties, the Empire State is home to a variety of different people and cultures. More than 200 languages are spoken in New York City2 – making it the most linguistically diverse city in the world.3 It was also home to the first capital of the United States.
Due to the dense nature of New York State, many small businesses and workers operate in the city that never sleeps. This type of work ethic combined with many, many workers can put New York State business owners at risk. As a business owner in this beloved state, workers’ compensation insurance should be a high priority.
Businesses in New York State must have workers’ compensation insurance for all of their employees. But there are different types of workers’ compensation insurance benefits available to those living in New York State. New York workman’s comp can help:
  • Cover some of an employee’s lost wages.
  • Cover medical care related to the work-related injury or illness.
  • Provide death benefits if an employee dies from a work-related cause.
  • Cover the cost of related legal fees if a worker’s family member files a lawsuit against your business.
Here are a few ways New York State workers’ compensation can help protect your business and employees:
  • An Albany employee experiences an overuse injury from repetitive motion. They get taken to the emergency room. The injury could lead to a weeks-long or months-long recovery. Workers' comp can help cover these costs. It could also cover some of their lost wages.
  • One of your employees is on their way to visit a client for lunch in Manhattan. She gets into a car accident and is injured. She gets taken to the hospital for treatment. Workers' comp can help cover her hospital costs.
  • An employee throws out his back while lifting a heavy box. He gets taken to the doctor for medical treatment. He also needs physical therapy to recover. Workers' comp can help cover his treatment and ongoing care costs.

Workers’ Comp Insurance Coverages in New York State

Workers' compensation insurance from The Hartford can help pay for medical expenses to treat job-related injuries and illnesses. It can also give employees some of their lost income if they miss work because of a work-related injury or illness.
Coverage requirements – Empire State employers must have workers' compensation insurance. One of the most basic costs of running your business is ensuring your employees are safe and on-the-job injuries are minimized.
Our specialists can help make sure your business is protected. Get a quote today. You can also call 1-855-829-1683 to speak to our team about New York workman’s compensation insurance.
Proof of Coverage – Proof of workers’ compensation insurance coverage in New York State is important. This is also called a certificate of insurance. It proves you have coverage in the state and includes important details about the policy. Getting proof of coverage is easy when you're insured by The Hartford. Get a quote to get a certificate of insurance for workers’ comp.
What’s covered – NYS workers’ comp is important because it provides benefits to employees who get injured or sick because of their job. It can also provide payments to an employee’s beneficiaries if the employee passes away due to a work-related accident or illness.

What Workers Compensation Covers in New York State

Workers’ compensation insurance from The Hartford can help cover:
Accident or Injury – If a New York employee gets hurt from their job, workers’ comp can help cover his medical costs.
Illness – Conditions at work can expose employees to harmful chemicals or allergens that can lead to illness. Workers’ comp can help cover an employee’s costs to recover from a work-related illness.
Missed Wages – An employee may have to miss work to recover from a work-related injury or illness. Workers' comp can help replace some of their missed wages.
Ongoing Care – Helps provide benefits for ongoing care needed due to a work-related injury or illness. For example, an employee sprains his ankle while moving boxes at work. Workers’ comp can help cover his physical therapy sessions.
Funeral Costs – If there is an employee death from a work-related accident or illness, workers’ comp can help cover the funeral costs.
Repetitive Injury – Not all work-related injuries happen in one quick incident. Repetitive injuries can take months or years to develop. Workers’ comp can help cover an employee’s costs to treat a repetitive injury.
Disability – Some work injuries can be so severe that employees may never be able to return to work. Or a work-place injury or illness can cause an employee to return to work in a reduced capacity. Disabled employees can receive benefits to help pay for medical bills and lost wages.

New York State Workers’ Compensation Laws

Understanding workers’ compensation laws in New York State will set you and your business apart. As a business owner in New York State, you must have workers’ compensation insurance. You can get it from a few different places, including:
All for-profit employers and most not-for-profit employers in New York State must carry workers’ compensation insurance.
Businesses meet this requirement of the New York State law by:
  • Obtaining and maintaining a workers’ compensation insurance policy; or
  • Obtaining self-insurance for workers’ compensation; or
  • Are legally exempt from the requirement to provide workers’ compensation coverage.
There are very few instances where for-profit businesses are exempt from New York State workers’ compensation. Exemptions include:
  • The business is owned by one individual and is not a corporation.
  • The business is a partnership under the laws of New York State.
  • The business is a one- or two-person owned corporation and those individuals own all of the stock, as well as hold offices of the corporation. If two people own the corporation, each person must own at least one share of stock. And between the two, they have to own all the shares of stock.
In each of these instances, there cannot be:
  • Any employees
  • Leased employees
  • Borrowed employees
  • Part-time employees
  • Unpaid volunteers (including family members)
  • Subcontractors
According to Section 51 of the Workers’ Compensation Law, employers must post a “Form Notice of Compliance - Workers' Compensation Law (C-105)” in the workplace. The Board advises Form C-105. It requires the form include:
  • The name, address and phone number of the insurer
  • The policy number of the employer
NYS workers’ compensation It must be posted in a conspicuous place in the employer's place of business. Employers should ensure all employees know its location. If New York State businesses violate this requirement, it can result in a fine of up to $250 per violation.
Most employers can get Form C-105 from their workers’ compensation insurance carrier, such as The Hartford. Employers that are approved by the Board as self-insurers may also contact the Self-Insurance Office at 1-518-402-0247 for copies of this form. Other New York State employers participating in Group Self-Insurance may contact their group administrator.
Read more about New York State’s workers’ compensation laws on the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board website.

New York State Workers’ Compensation Board

The New York State Workers’ Compensation Board protects the rights of employees. It ensures the proper delivery of benefits. It also promotes compliance with New York State Law. The board maintains nine district officers across New York. They're located in:
  • Albany
  • Binghamton
  • Brooklyn
  • Buffalo
  • Long Island (Hauppauge)
  • Manhattan
  • Queens
  • Rochester
  • Syracuse
The Workers’ Compensation Law in New York State requires that employers get and keep coverage for all their employees.
Five parties are responsible for New York State's workers' compensation system:
The first and most major player is the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board. It oversees the settlement of claims. It also ensures employers provide the required coverage to their employees. The Board receives and processes claims. At first, it seeks to facilitate practical agreements between injured workers and employers. If an agreement can’t be reached, the Board conducts hearings before a Workers’ Compensation Law judge.

New York State Workers’ Compensation Rates

Each state has different coverage requirements. So it's important for employees and employers to familiarize themselves with their state's unique requirements.
In New York State, workers’ compensation insurance costs include:
  • Insurance premiums
  • Payments made under deductibles
  • The administrative costs of handling claims and making reports to New York State and the insurer

New York State Workers’ Compensation Claims

To file a claim for workers’ compensation in New York State, visit our claims page today. You may also call 1-866-396-8314 to speak with a New York State Board representative. They’ll take your information and complete the C-3 Employee Claim form for you.
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