Business Insurance for Communications & Media Companies

Communications & Media Firms Face Unique Risks

The Communications & Media industry is evolving rapidly as information is disseminated in new and innovative ways every day. Businesses in this dynamic and growing industry face unique and ever-changing risks. The Hartford offers a broad array of insurance solutions that businesses in television broadcasting, publishing and printing, radio broadcasting, media distribution, movie, film and video production and other areas within the sphere of Communications & Media can tailor to address the unique risks facing their particular operation.
Recommended Coverage for Communications & Media Businesses
Property Choice® provides protection for the things that matter most to Communications & Media businesses. This can include coverage if:
  • Electronic data or computer equipment is damaged by a covered cause of loss.
  • Built-in or mobile equipment breaks down.
  • The firm loses income because utilities such as electricity or communications services are interrupted due to a covered cause of loss.
  • Satellites need recalibration or tuning due to a covered loss.
Property Choice for Communications & Media services covers electronic vandalism in addition to property damage to business personal property and ensuing business income losses.

Broadcasters depend on transmission towers and Property Choice from The Hartford can cover damage to a tower as well as the income that is lost due to the covered damage while the tower is inoperable.
A General Liability Choice® policy from The Hartford covers bodily injury or property damage liability. This includes protection for operations that are taking place both on and off-site.
This is extremely important to companies in the media industry that conduct most of their business and operations on location or away from their home office.
Additionally, General Liability Choice coverage from The Hartford provides automatic additional insured and waiver of subrogation clauses, which may be required by vendors. This reduces the need for adding additional endorsements and automatically covers employees as defined in the policy. Our general liability coverage can easily be added to other policies with The Hartford as needed.
Umbrella and excess liability coverage can help businesses in the media industry financially survive the potentially devastating costs of a significant liability claim that exceeds the business’s primary liability coverage. Umbrella and excess liability coverage serve as a safety net for Communications & Media businesses. In the event that a liability claim exceeds the limits of the Communications & Media company’s primary general liability coverage, auto or employee liability coverage, umbrella and excess liability coverage helps cover costs that surpass primary coverage limits.
The Hartford offers U.S. domiciled companies a spectrum of coverage that goes far and wide. Whether you need to cover employees traveling abroad or a whole overseas enterprise, The Hartford can offer the right package of protection with options ranging from The Hartford Passport Package to The Hartford’s Controlled Master Policy (CMP) with local multinational policies – in one coordinated insurance program.
Management liability coverage helps protect against management liability risks faced by Communications & Media businesses and their leaders. Our offering includes:
  • Directors, Officers and Entity Liability Coverage (D&O) – helps protect Communications & Media businesses, their directors, officers and management team against loss that arises out of the day-to-day decision making operations and management of the company.
  • Employment Practices Liability Coverage (EPL) – helps protect Communications & Media businesses from damages and defense costs that arise out of employment-related disputes, including but not limited to alleged discrimination, sexual harassment, violation of the Family and Medical Leave Act, refusal to hire and wrongful termination or discipline.
  • Fiduciary Coverage – helps cover employee claims related to the design, administration and maintenance of company-sponsored retirement, health, and other employee benefit plans.
  • Crime Coverage – helps protect Communications & Media businesses against loss from employee theft, computer fraud, and other similar crimes.
  • Kidnap/Ransom & Extortion Coverage (K&R) – helps protect against financial losses due to kidnap and ransom/extortion, both in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Representations and Warranties Coverage (R&W) – helps Communications & Media businesses reduce common merger and acquisition (M&A) risks.
Additional Solutions for Communications & Media Businesses
The Hartford is a leading provider of Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Our XactPAY® program for workers’ compensation offers pay-as-you-go premium payments based on actual monthly payroll figures. With XactPAY, businesses often find they are better able to manage cash flow fluctuations and minimize audit adjustments. Further advantages of our XactPAY program are that it eliminates the large premium down payment and monthly billing or finance fee that typically accompanies standard workers’ compensation insurance plans. Best of all, this is offered at no extra cost.
Most Communications & Media businesses rely on one or more mobile vehicles to assist with business operations. These operations can include driving cinematographers to a location for a shoot, transporting media equipment such as microphones, studio lights and cameras, or simply driving to meet with talent or a client.

The Hartford’s commercial auto coverage helps protect the vehicles that a business owns, leases, rents or borrows – on the road and off. At no additional cost, commercial auto insurance helps cover electronic equipment in vehicles, as well as lease and loan gaps. In addition, The Hartford provides a wide range of specialized services designed to help businesses improve their drivers’ safety.
Marine insurance helps protect Communications & Media businesses that operate domestically and internationally. Whether transporting over the ocean or inland, marine coverage from The Hartford can help cover expensive broadcasting and communications equipment when it is transported to offsite locations.
Communications & Media businesses handle highly valuable and sensitive data about customers, clients and business finances. This could include private information such as credit card and Social Security numbers or personal and intimate images and information that individuals would not want to have made public. The Hartford’s data breach coverage can be added to our General Liability Choice policy or it can be purchased as a separate, standalone cyber liability policy.

In the event of a breach where personally identifiable information is lost or stolen, this coverage helps pay the costs of notifying impacted individuals, managing public relations, good faith advertising, and more. Additionally, coverage includes access to professionals who can provide guidance on data breach prevention best practices, regulatory compliance, and methods for handling a breach crisis if one occurs. In most states, coverage is also available for defense and liability expenses in the event you're sued because of a breach.
The Hartford’s innovative Risk Engineering team strives to help companies run safer and ultimately more profitable businesses with loss control services that include risk exposure evaluations, consultations, and recommendations for improving businesses’ safety and security. We can work directly with Communications & Media companies to ensure work environments are safe, employees are trained for emergencies and all safety equipment is up-to-date.

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