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What did you study in college? If it’s something you care deeply about you’ll be happy to know that at The Hartford, we’re dedicated to helping graduates like you find purpose in your passion through a rewarding and empowering career. Explore the variety of internships and full-time early career opportunities at The Hartford.


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The Hartford Campus Case Competition
Our competition can be a great opportunity for college sophomores and juniors to collaborate in small teams and compete to solve business and insurance related problems.

The Hartford's Early Immersion Program
The perfect way for freshman and sophomores to explore opportunities at The Hartford during three days of workshops and professional development activities.

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Some recent college grads, who are now full-time employees, told us why they are passionate about being part of The Hartford family:
  • Exposure to real life opportunities
  • Willingness to take a chance on students
  • The people
  • The pay
  • A prestigious place to work
  • Work/life balance
  • Opportunities for growth

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